Mentoring Programs

The Jacksonville Children’s Commission is Duval County’s primary resource center for mentoring. We support families striving to raise their children to be healthy, safe, educated and contributing members of the community. This page can help you identify a mentoring program that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

You will need an “Access Code” to register for an upcoming mentor training & background screening (Introduction to Mentoring 101). Click on a program of your choice to get more information!

JCC Partner Mentoring Programs

Mentoring ProgramContact EmailDescriptionWebsite
Achievers For Life Email Us Nationally recognized school-based mentoring of 6th grade students at-risk for HS drop-out due to low academic achievement on testing, GPA, behavior, and or low school attendance. The program supports both the family and the student. Program has helped over 3,500 students since inception.Website
Big Brothers Big SistersEmail UsCommunity and school based mentoring. Serves children ages 5-18. Children are identified by parents as needing a “Big” as a good role model and confidant. Children can have backgrounds of military families, incarcerated parents, or come from single parent homes. Mentors can volunteer in most zipcodes covering Northeast Florida.Website
The Bridge of Northeast FloridaEmail UsSite based program weekdays between 3-6pm. Serves children ages 11-18. Children are identified as needing a mentor by program staff. Mentors assist in areas of life skills and academic achievement. Mentors volunteer in the Springfield community.Website
Daniel Kids FoundationEmail UsSite based mentoring. Serves young adults participating in the independent living program ages 16-24. These young people have often faced homelessness, involvement in the foster care system, or other challenges to family support. Mentors can volunteer to help walk young people through career planning, life skills, and building friendships at their site on the Southside.Website
Empowering Young Ladies to Succeed Mentor ProgramEmail UsOur enrichment programs are design to help young ladies ages 5-25, parents, and women ages 21+ deepen their ability to achieve and follow their dreams; by learning, building important skills, strengthen their sense of citizenship and develop such universal human values as respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity. Website
Family Support ServicesEmail UsCommunity based mentoring during nights and weekends. Serves teens who are involved in foster care system. Recommended by their social worker for a mentor to build trust and belonging. Change a life with a child who needs a buddy.Website
Fresh MinistriesEmail UsChallenge mentees to take risks, facilitating their growth by focusing on their total development, sharing resources and networks, conversing and educating them on specific issues, and fostering learning through coaching them on particular skills through the expertise of the mentor. Meets weekly through a variety of activities.Website
Kim's Open Door Email UsSite Based and Community Based serving ages 5-11 years olds for forty five minutes to one hour a week.The program combines a team approach and one on one mentoring.The lessons use science,history,literature and art to help teach important life and social skills. Website
Operation Saving Our ChildrenEmail UsSite Based and Community Based serving ages between 5-23 years old for one hour a week. Program preference will be granted to youth that reside in High targeted areas. Eligibility will also be granted to youth that indicate significant risks factors on the Florida Department of Juvenile Prevention Assessment tool.Website
Police Athletic LeagueEmail UsSite based mentoring after school. PAL Mentoring is not an academic tutoring program. Each mentor visits a child twice a month for one hour. Mentoring activities may include anything from reading and doing arts and crafts to learning about different cultures and playing sports.Website
Take Stock in ChildrenEmail UsSchool based mentoring during the weekdays from 8am-4pm. Serves students in 7th-12th grade. Students are selected to receive a scholarship and a mentor based on good grades, attendance, and behavior while having a financial need. Mentors help students overcome barriers and prepare students for academic achievement and college life.Website
Teen Leaders of AmericaEmail UsSite based and Community based serving children between ages 10-17.Website
United Way's Achievers For LifeEmail UsSchool based mentoring during the weekdays from 8am-6pm. Serves students in the 6th grade. Students are selected based on low academic performance in class and/or on the FCAT and show signs of needing a mentor to help improve their attitude towards school and learning.Website
Wayman CDC: Yes You! MentoringEmail UsSite-based and community-based mentoring. Serves children ages 6-16 years old. Youth participate in program sponsored activities which include recreational and cultural components. This program builds assets that help youth succeed in school and make positive contributions to the community. The program partners with other city agencies to provide resources to parents. Mentors can volunteer in most zipcodes covering Northeast Florida.Website